Rockproof Tire Unveiled by Nokian

Rockproof Tire Unveiled by Nokian


In automotive news, Nokian Tyres PLC has announced a new line that is targeted at the professional off-road market. The tires, which are being called the Rockproof line, are designed for heavy and light duty trucks who must perform in rocky terrains.

Performance Off-road

The Rockproof line is designed for vehicles that are used in quarries, forests and mining areas. The tires will be available in diameters from 16 to 20 inches and feature a cut-resistant tread compound. The tires also have an aggressive tread pattern that works better in off-road conditions than other types of truck tires as well as aramid-reinforced sidewalls.

On-the-Job Testing

Logging companies in British Columbia have been using the Rockproof tires in order to test their ability in rough terrain. According to Tom Brain of Dyer Logging in Sayward, the tires have outlasted all other brands they have placed on the company trucks. With 31,000 miles on the tires that have been run mostly on gravel roads, the tires are still in excellent shape, something other brands of tires could not deliver.

Precise Handling and Stability

In addition to lasting longer than other types of tires, the Rockproof tires provide more precise handling and stability. Two different side angles and staggered support on the block sides keep th treat blocks firm and groove bottoms in shape even when driving on rough roads. Because the sidewall is reinforced, there is additional protection against cuts, punctures or other types of damage common when driving among sharp rocks or limbs.

Stone Ejectors

One feature of the new tire line is stone ejectors at the groove bottoms. These ejectors prevent jagged and sharp stones from sticking in the treads causing punctures. This improves the life of the tire while also minimizing body damage to the tire, especially when the vehicle must travel on uneven, rocky terrain.

Tough on Tires

Off-road driving is extremely hard on tires, according to professionals who must depend on vehicles to travel in and out of rocky, unimproved areas. Punctures are common in tires as the vehicle must travel over gravel roads as well as unfinished roadways with tree limbs, branches or other types of natural materials in the path. Because uneven ground, stones, tree branches and other debris can cause damage to tires while also reducing their life expectancy, many businesses who depend on trucks to travel in such areas report that tire costs can be excessive. In addition, tire changes result in additional work for company mechanics as well as vehicle downtime. This could result in additional costs as work is not being completed while the truck is being serviced.

Leisure Off-Road Usage

In addition to providing longer tire life for professional vehicles, the Rockproof line could also benefit leisure off-road drivers. Drivers who enjoy taking their personal vehicle off-road into forests, quarries and unfinished roadways will see a longer life in their tires as well with less concern about slices or cuts from jagged rocks and branches.

According to automotive news sources, the new line of tires will help both professionals who must take trucks off finished roadways to perform their duties as well as those who spend their leisure time exploring unfinished forests and rocky areas. On-the-job testing has shown that the tires are stronger and last longer than other types of tires.