Information Is Important When Buying a Used Vehicle

Information Is Important When Buying a Used Vehicle

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Buying a quality used car can result in significant cost savings because these automobiles are usually available for a fraction of the price of a new vehicle. Various dealers and individuals regularly sell used cars in Canada. In addition to arranging a vehicle inspection, you should gather as much information about the used car’s history as you can before the purchase, automotive news is important. Each seller should provide a Used Vehicle Information Packet (UVIP) available from the Ministry of Transportation. While the UVIP contains information about the vehicle registration history and any outstanding loans as well as a recent wholesale and retail value estimate, this may not be enough. Although the purchase price may be low, unforeseen future repair expenses may make the vehicle a poor investment. Ensuring that the customer has sufficient information to feel comfortable about the purchase is an important element of the process. This is where a CarProof report can come in handy. The report will list damages, repairs and outstanding recalls or safety notices that the current seller may be unaware.

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CarProof, which is headquartered in London, Ontario, has grown to become the top source for vehicle history information in Canada as vehicle safety recalls are a frequent topic in automotive news stories. As of September 2016, the company has a virtual lock on vehicle history reports across the country. Since 2014, more than 10 million cars registered in Canada have been affected by a variety of manufacturer recalls. A recent study conducted by the company revealed that more than 1 in 10 cars on the road in Manitoba could be unsafe to drive because the owners were unaware of applicable, outstanding recall or repair notices. This is important automotive news as it reinforces the importance of buyers being aware of safety issues regarding the preowned vehicles that they are considering. The company found similar results in other provinces as well. By providing the most comprehensive up-to-date vehicle history report available, a CarProof report provides added transparency and gives used car buyers more confidence.

While a CarProof report is an added bonus, it does not take the place of a test drive and a full inspection. Used car buyers should always ask the seller if any applicable warranties are still valid. Most new passenger vehicle warranties issued by manufacturers can be transferred as part of the sale. In addition to the records for warranty work on the vehicle, you should ask for a service history to ensure that all routine maintenance checks were performed at the appropriate intervals. CarProof reports can fill in any gaps.

Test Drive The Vehicle

Test drive the vehicle to make sure that it handles and stops properly. Listen for any abnormal noises from the engine and transmission. Check all the basic components, such as headlights, brake lights, turn signals and wipers. Verify that the heat, air conditioning and any power accessories like windows and door locks are also in good working order. Raise the hood to inspect the engine for leaks and worn drive belts. Inspect underneath the vehicle as well. Look for rust and worn parts. If you are not sure what to look for, ask a knowledgeable friend or hire a mechanic to check the car before purchasing the vehicle. Use the information from the test drive, inspection and CarProof report to negotiate the price.