Electric Cars Are Slowly but Surely Winning the Race

Electric Cars Are Slowly but Surely Winning the Race

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It’s hard to believe that back in the late 1890s car dealers only sold electric vehicles. Over a 100 years ago, the electric car outsold gasoline cars. Compared to the (organic) pollution horse-drawn carriages caused, they seemed like an amazing, clean solution. However, there was a race going on, and those in favour of gasoline cars eventually won. We now know the result of that race, and it’s hard not wish it didn’t turn out differently. Nevertheless, there is a lot we can still do, and if we join together, it may not take a 100 years to make a difference.

Let’s Hope Electric Automobiles Are Contagious

Clearly, more people need to use cars powered by electricity in order to change the environment. Being the first in your neighborhood to buy an electric car could be the start of a trend in your area as research has shown that people are more likely to install solar panels if their neighbor already has, and electric cars could prove to be just as contagious.

Why the Hesitation?

The fear of running out of power is high on the list of reasons people avoid an electric vehicle. However, it’s just a question of becoming familiar with how you need to prepare for an electric car road trip. Whether you are driving a gasoline car, flying an airplane, or rowing yourself across the Atlantic, you need to calculate and ensure you have enough energy to make it to your destination.

An electric automobile is no different. Gas stations are so common that you don’t have to think very far ahead, so it seems natural to think that there needs to plug-in stations at every corner so you can feel confident heading out in an electric car. However, what comes first: the chicken or the egg? Without the car, there won’t be a charger plug, but without a charger plug, people won’t buy cars. We have to make this change together. When parking meters and lots incorporate power plugs, when highways are dotted with supercharging stations, when hotels, restaurants, airports, and grocery stores all accommodate electric cars, you’ll start to feel like the odd one out if you don’t have one.

Taking Your Electric Car Can Improve Your Road Trip Experience

You’ll get a good feeling when you drive past old combustion-related businesses such as auto repair shops and junkyards stacked with rusting engines. You pull into a state-of-the-art, clean station and plug in. Some stations have solar panels covering the roof producing electricity. It’s amazing to think you can top up your car with the heat of the sun. Electric vehicles come with valuable incentives and perks such as financial assistance, fast-lane access and exemption from road tolls.

Another perk is that depending the type of charger, you may have to spend some time in the area. You might not take the extra time to see the sights, and an electric vehicle gives you the opportunity to make the most of the drive and support local businesses along the way adding more value and memories to your trip.

In an electric car, software is king. Engineers have put a lot of time into creating algorithms that monitor and track everything from the energy going in and out of the battery to understanding and anticipating your driving habits. Instant power and accurate steering makes taking curves easy and comfortable. New sounds like hmm, whiz and whir replace chug, choke and splutter. It’s time for the electric car to whiz past the finish line so the gas-guzzling car can take its proper place in history: just a bad invention. Thank you for visiting Automotive Finance News.