Buying A Car This Year – How Things Have Changed

Buying A Car This Year – How Things Have Changed

Trends change with the times and now that we have so much technology at our fingertips, the way we shop for the things we need has also changed. The same goes for buying a car. The internet has become the tool of choice for many allowing for extensive research without leaving the comfort of your home. Consumers are better informed and have a much better understanding of what to expect from a car dealership and what questions to ask when they get to the face-to-face discussion phase.

In order to reach this new kind of shopping experience, more and more new and used vehicle dealers are turning to developing their online marketing. This also means they have converted their way of thinking to the digital marketplace with fully functional website departments where you can do anything from book a service appointment, order tires or buy your next vehicle through the internet.

For some, shopping online is easier. For others, it is still a challenge. With this in mind we present to you a few tips to help you keep up with the advances in technology and still figure out how to purchase your next vehicle without a lot of extra work.


Tip #1 – Research, Research, Research

Gone are the days where you would visit all the local car dealerships and collect brochures on the models of vehicles you liked. Nowadays you can save a ton of time and energy by just doing all of this online. Once you have determined the type of vehicle you want, do your homework on the internet. You’ll be able to visit websites of the local car dealer, the national dealership and much more without leaving your driveway or picking up the phone. Because car dealerships are reaching out to internet shoppers you will discover a wealth of information – and in many cases – internet only pricing.

Tip #2 – The Physical Test

The only thing about a new vehicle the internet can’t replicate is how it feels and handles. Once you have decided on your preferred new vehicle, visit the dealership and look at the vehicle. Take it for a test drive as you would ordinarily. This will help you to decide whether or not your online research has been enough. If you have to, return to the computer for additional research or quiz the car dealership sales staff. They are equipped to answer any of your questions.

Tip #3 – Automobile Loan Option

Since you can shop for a vehicle online now it only makes sense that you can also apply for financing programs as well. In fact, there has been a great deal of growth in this particular part of the online vehicle shopping equation. You can actually apply for and receive an automobile loan before visiting a financial institution or car dealership. There are also far more options available to you through online car loan services – which are also much more flexible when it comes to how you must qualify for financing. BC Auto Credit can get you pre-approved.

Tip #4 – Bad Credit is No Longer A Problem

One of the most interesting elements that have come into play with online automobile loan services is what they will do for you. In a financial institution a bankruptcy or bad credit rating may be enough to disqualify you from receiving any kind of assistance. Online car dealership financing services, like BC Auto Credit, are more interested in getting you closer to that new vehicle purchase than what has prevented you from doing it before.


Shopping and buying online has changed how we do some of our normal business activities. Online car loan services have assisted many who are purchasing a vehicle following researching their choices online. These services are more flexible than traditional financial services and as such have been able to match buyers with vehicles easier. If you are looking for a new or used vehicle to purchase, you no longer have to fear the hurdles that would prevent this from happening from your poor credit rating or as a result of a bankruptcy. The risks that banks see are not what loan services like BC Auto Credit see. Instead, they see an opportunity to assist a customer with a vehicle purchase.